Fossil Fuel Free Microgrids

What is a Microgird?
The vast majority of homes in the UK receive their energy from the grid via one of the major utility suppliers. Householders and businesses have access to any number of energy suppliers - many of whom are not owned in the UK - who operate together within a competitive market place.

A community owned microgrid operates in a completely different way from this central model. It involves a number of homes grouping together and generating their own energy from renewable sources, e.g solar PV and air source heat pumps. The houses concerned share energy between themselves, before exporting any remaining surplus energy to the National Grid.

What are the advantages
to a Microgrid?

  • A Microgrid allows a community to be in control of how the energy they are using is generated and distributed. Research and experience shows that when people are more in touch with how their energy is produced, they are more concerned with conserving it, and often use less overall.
  • A Microgrid also enables neighbours to support neighbours, with sharing of energy to those at home all day by those who are out at work.
  • The community supplied by the Microgrid will benefit from lower bills by sharing the energy that is created on-site and minimising any loss into the grid.

Why are Microgrids important now?

We are facing a Climate Emergency, and we know that we need to replace energy that is created by fossil fuels, with energy that is created from renewable sources. Making sure each new home built creates its own energy - as well as being as energy efficient as possible - will help make sure we reach our net carbon zero targets more quickly. The microgrid networks will help to make sure this energy that is created is shared efficiently which will help to keep bills done for householders, and make sure the microgrid remains sustainable.

What’s happening in Milton Keynes?

We have recently completed a Feasibility Study on installing renewable energy throughout the proposed hundred home housing development that will replace the Agora in Wolverton. It has shown that all the technology is available right now, and that it is viable to install and run.

Our Agora feasibility study has been run in association with Wolverton Community Energy and Town and you can find more on the whole project here: